Nepal German Academic Association (NEGAAS)

Promoting Nepal German Academic Relations




Objectives & Achievements


NEGAAS attempts

  • To promote the professional interests and maintain scholarly communication among Nepalese scholars having completed their higher study in Germany.
  • To support governments of both the countries in social, scientific and technical fields by providing them necessary and relevant information.
  • To extend consultancy services to the projects in social, scientific and technical fields being planned or already implemented in Nepal by the individuals, groups or government, firms, agencies etc. of the FRG.
  • To establish and strengthen relation between institutions and individuals of the both countries through various formal and informal activities.
  • To facilitate the stay and researches of German students/scholars/researchers in Nepal comfortable and valuable by providing them necessary information and orientation.
  • To extend help to the Nepalese professionals working abroad after the completion of their study in FRG, to Nepalese students still studying in FRG and those who intends to carry out higher study in Germany.
  • To promote German language by regularly conducting language classes.
  • To facilitate interactive communication among members through


Some of the major achievements of the organization are as follows:

  • Life Membership is growing and has reached 71.
  • Developed synergy and harmony among members.
  • Regular flow of information and effective communication.
  • Growing cordial relationship with German Embassy and other institutions.
  • Identified programs have been lunched as scheduled.
  • Raised significant fund mainly from internal sources.
  • Regular publication of Newsletter and Souvenir.
  • Maintained NEGAAS Website.
  • Technical presentation/talk programs initiated.
  • Regular German Language class.
  • Conferred Honorary membership to honorable Ambasador.
  • Maintained effectivecollaboration with German Academic Exchange program (DAAD) and other.
  • Regular monthly meeting for almost a decades.
  • Significant time provided to NEGAAS by Members














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