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PMD Activities Summary Report 2022

Executive Summary

This summary report provides an overview on a series of virtual webinars and workshops program conducted from September 2021 to December 2021. This virtual webinars and workshops program strengths the relation between Nepal and German by developing mutual understanding, cooperation and knowledge exchange among the academicians working in the field of social science, scientific & technical research and development field. NEGAAS initiated four dimensional activities in 2021 in collaboration with CIM-PMD for furthering the cause of sustainability particularly SDG 5 (Gender Equality), SDG 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy), SDG (Good Health and Well Being), Youth Leadership and capacity Development, Disaster and Crisis management, Governance, entrepreneurship and mobility, which is instrumental for contributing to facilitating works under various SDGs. Out of 10 PMD activities, six were a virtual webinar series covering diverse field topic from gender equity in workplace, health awareness to renewable energy & climate change issues along with importance of consumer’s right on electricity services. While a two-day workshop entitled “Women in Science” and “Managing Disaster Risk-A Way to Ensure Sustainability” were conducted with great number of participations. Besides, one career counselling and one Leadership and capacity building training programs was conducted to provide mentoring/career counselling to new returnees or potential returnees and to enhance participant’s knowledge on entrepreneurship and small business management through leadership & entrepreneurship training. Numbers of national and international experts/speakers from various disciplines in the domain of science, technology, management, government and non-government organizations are invited. In total, 69 experts from different sectors were invited to present their views on various topics where the participation of male and female were approximately equal (male= 38 and female =31). Among total panel list members of 69, eleven were the international experts invited from Asia, Africa, Europe and USA.

PMD Activities Summary Report 2022

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